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15.07.2014 12:39
Parish of Zakabannaya mosque named after the "1000th anniversary of the adoption of Islam" held Iftar majlis "ZURIFTAR" with 70 orphans from Derbyshensky orphanage #11. 
After preparing to see long-awaited guests, imams and parishioners of mosque together met orphans. Prior to the evening prayer, imams of mosque told the children about the third pillar of Islam - about fasting and the holy month of Ramadan, encouraging them to love and treat each other well, always help the younger and respect elders, obey their teachers and do more good deeds in this blessed month. 
After committing the evening prayer, the parishioners and orphans, as one big friendly family, sat down at the banquet table. At the evening meal - iftar for guys was prepared a sweet surprise - a chocolate fountain. 
Then imams, parishioners and orphans prayed to Allah thanking Him for giving food. They also asked the Lord for health, patience, food and the opportunity to become productive members of society. 
Recall, on July 8 imams and parishoners of Zakabannaya mosque together with orphans of Derbyshensky orphanage #11 took part in the organization of the Second republican iftar at the stadium "Kazan Arena."