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15.07.2014 10:44
The night before mufti of Tatarstan Kamil рazrat Samigullin participated in the urban iftar of Leninigorsk city. 
On majlis gathered more than 200 people. Among the honored guests of festive meal besides the mufti, were his deputies Rustam hazrat Batrov (the first deputy), Rustam hazrat Khayrullin, mayor of administration of Leninogorsk Ishaq Sadriev, mukhtasib of Leninogorsky district, and also mukhtasibs of Bavlinsky and Yutazinsky districts. 
During the Iftar the spiritual leader of Tatarstan thanked the head of district and also muhtasib Ismail Singatullin for the invitation and for their hard work for the benefit of Muslims. 
"From your cohesive work and from your joint solution often very much depends. I hope in the future you will fully support the believers and help them as much as possible in the resolution of pressing issues,"- wished during Iftar Kamil hazrat. 
In turn, the head of the administration of district Ishaq Sadriev said that person can not live without faith, the life of this, in his opinion, is getting pointless and only committing every day kind and compassionate acts you can create a perfect society, where everyone will have the responsibility for his actions.