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14.07.2014 18:38
Union of Muslim youth of Russia signed a partnership agreement with the Kazan branch of the executive committee of the World congress of Tatars. 
As noted the head of the Kazan branch of the WCT, the deputy of the State Council of RT Farid Miftakhov - signing of the agreement is an important step in the integration and consolidation of Tatars. 
"Islam and the Tatar nation have always been inseparable, it is Islam that allowed to stay Tatars as Tatars and thanks to the Muslim religion, we have our cultural customs and traditions", - said the head of the Kazan branch of the WCT. 
As told the president of the Union of Muslim youth Marsel Sabirov in the near future the two organizations plan to hold a number of common activities that are aimed at strengthening the Tatar nation and Islamic self-identity of the people.