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14.07.2014 18:33
Last weekend mufti of RT Kamille hazrat Samigullin was an honored guest of iftar at mosque "Gailya." On majlis gathered more than three hundred people. 
Among the guests of iftar were representatives of departments of the Muslims religious board of the Republic of Tatarstan, representatives of the Committee "Halal", the intellectuals of the city, members of the clergy. 
Before Aksham namaz imam-hatyyb of the mosque "Gailya" Rustam hazrat Khayrullin preached a sermon. In it, he spoke in detail about the benefits of the Muslim fasting and urged the believers to use the blessed month with maximum benefit for themselves - more do good deeds, read and listen to the Quran. 
"If the post goes easily, the believer must thank the Almighty Allah. And if fast is hard, believer becomes happy and hopes that for his patience Almighty Allah will forgive his bad deeds and will strengthen his faith, "- mentioned in sermon Rustam hazrat. 
Then, the spiritual leader of Tatarstan Kamil hazrat Samigullin spent a collective prayer, after which everyone was invited to Iftar - breaking fast. 
During the majlis to all active Muslims, constantly participating in holding iftars, the Committee "Halal" of RBM RT gave gifts. 
By the way, for iftar in the mosque "Gailya" every day are coming more devout Muslims, and whole families with young children. Within the walls of the mosque weekly are held instructive and interesting "Family's lessons", which holds the deputy mufti of the Republic, the imam-hatyyb of mosque Rustam hazrat Khayrullin. 
Recall, during the fasting month of Ramadan who fasts refrain not only from water and drink during daylight hours, but also exclude from profanity, negative thoughts, try to do more charitable deeds and change their life for the better.