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14.07.2014 17:04
In the framework of the month Ramadan -of the month of good and noble deeds - Almetyevsky muhtasibat continues its charitable activities. 
Mukhtasib of Almetyevsky district and the city Almetyevsk Fagim hazrat Akhmetzyanov and his assistant Jamil hazrat Halirahmanov, and also head of visually impaired society Naila Gayazova visited families of persons with disabilities and provided them with financial assistance, as well as donated food packages. 
To provide financial assistance or simply give attention to the disabled, to low-income families is alms. As stated in the hadith, "the most alms - a charity in the month of Ramadan." For alms in this holy month there is its own special reward, hasten to perform good deeds, regardless of your position.