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12.07.2014 16:15
Mufti of Tatarstan Kamil Samigullin intends to spend the last 10 days of Ramadan in Itikaf (pious seclusion on the last decade of the month, which was made by ​​the prophet Muhammad). Required minimum of such privacy - one day. 
Kamil hazrat announced his intention during the traditional iftar with journalists. Usually the breaking of fast ceremony with representatives of the media was held towards the end of the fasting month. But this year in connection with the decision of mufti to make the Itikaaf night meal was moved to the middle of Ramadan. 
As the mufti said in his exclusive interview with "Tatar-Inform", he will hold seclusion in the mosque Tynychlyk of Mirniy settlement of Kazan. Choosing a location is not accidental - Kamil hazrat at the same time is imam of that parish. During the entire 10 days he will not leave the mosque, will perform the prayers, ask Allah of peace and goodness for the citizens of the republic and its leaders. 
During the Itikaaf the heart of believer is busy only with the remembrance of Allah, and the prayers are accepted by God. "For me this is not the first Itikaaf. Prior to that, I also made ​​it. It's hard for the first 3 days, because you ought to completely disconnect from the world. But then you get used to it,"- said the leader of Muslims of Tatarstan. 
As for iftar, it was first held at the new restaurant "Khurma" in the center of Kazan. There were several dozen of journalists who cover the topics of Islam. At iftar performed legends of Islamic journalism Almira Adiatullina, Vasilya Rakhimova, head of the newspaper departmnet "Vatanym Tatarstan" Rashid Mingazov. There were also heads of leading medias of the country. 
During the meal, which began with the breaking of fast and reading of the sunset prayer, journalists were not only interested in the life of the ummah of the republic, but also asked mufti purely sharia questions: for example, how easier to keep uraza on hot summer days. Mufti, his first deputy Rustam Batrov, deputy Rustam Khayrullin thoroughly answered all questions. The only drawback of Iftar was limit of time: as most of the journalists themselves are practicing Muslims, all were in a hurry for the night prayer - tarawih, which is made in mosques during Ramadan. 
By the way, the mufti left first. After all, in spite of his high status, he conducts prayers in his parish himself. 
IA "Tatar-Inform"