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11.07.2014 17:08
On July 10 at the central mosque of Almetyevsk named after R. Fahreddin were opened special courses on teaching blind people reading the Quran. 
The event was attended by the first deputy mufti of Tatarstan Rustam hazrat Batrov, mukhtasib of Almetyevsk district and city Fagim hazrat Akhmetzyanov, as well as members of the youth and charitable departments of MRB RT. 
"This is a very good undertaking, I hope with the help of Allah all our good intentions could fruitfully be realized in life and help to rehabilitate many disabled people" - said Rustam hazrat. 
Visually impaired people will be trained on the system of Louis Braille. To do this from Turkey were brought special six-volume editions of the Quran, besides a lot of relevant literature was provided by MRB RT. 
Head of society of blind people Naila Gayazova thanked Almetyevsky muhtasibat for constant support and creating favorable conditions for work with disabled people. 
For easy transportation of people with disabilities to the point of learning was organized a special taxi station. 
Note that the Administration of Almetyevsk district and muhtasibat of the city in Ramadan - in a month of goodness and good deeds, organize various actions. Especially a lot of attention is paid to the disabled, low-income families.