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13.10.2014 12:01

In the house of culture of Atninsky district dagvat department of MRB RT together with muhtasibat of district held an event "Iman kichese" (Evening of faith). 

At the event participated the head of dagvat department of MRB RT Niyaz hazrat Sabirov, muhtasib of Atninsky district Nail hazrat Sagdeev, famous journalist Fania khanum Huzyahmetova, student of center of training hafizes of Quran at RIU in Kazan Suyunov Saiddavud. 

Niyaz hazrat Sabirov reminded the audience the story of Prophet Ibrahim and Ismagil (peace be upon them), about their sincere obedience to Allah Almighty, spoke about the high value of the spiritual education of children. 

Suyunov Saiddavud performed nasheeds in Tatar and Arabic about the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and blessings of Allah) and the Quran. 

Fania khanum in her speech spoke about the great happiness to be a Muslim, to live according to the divine laws. At the end of the evening to the assembled residents of Atninsky district was a quiz on knowledge of the fundamentals of Islam and the history of the prophets. 

The winners were awarded valuable books about Islam.