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15.10.2014 15:54

Today, on October 15 in Simferopol was opened International scientific-practical conference "Actual problems of the study and preservation of the Islamic heritage of the Crimea", dedicated to the 700th anniversary of the Uzbek Khan's Mosque. 

This conference is held in framework of celebration of the historic anniversary - the 700th anniversary of the oldest mosques and madrassas on territory of Eastern Europe in the city of Old Crimea. 

Today in it took part mufti of RT Kamil hazrat Samigullin. The spiritual leader of Tatarstan, speaking at the conference noted that "as our Bulgarian ancestors - Crimean Tatars professed Islam of hanafi mazhab and maturidi aqidah". 

"The idea of ​​religious unity firmly established in the minds of the population of postordynsky steppe. Almighty Allah calls us in the Quran:

"Hold on to the rope of Allah and do not divide...".

Also, the Prophet said that the Islamic Ummah - a single organism, which is a single body, where parts response to the pain of each other. Crimean Tatars are linked to us, not only historically and culturally, but also vitally. Almighty Allah calls us to respect representatives of other religions and to show them mercy," - said during the opening of the conference Kamil hazrat. 

Note, the purpose of the conference is to draw attention to the problem of preservation of monuments of Islamic and Crimean Tatar culture, architecture and history, in particular, the Uzbek Khan's mosque, which needs restoration measures. Also will be discussed issues of popularization of the Crimean Tatar heritage and inclusion of its monuments in the tourist routes. 

In the conference take part leading experts of history of the Golden period of Crimea from Russia and abroad, as well as the spiritual leaders of Muslims from the Russian Federation and Europe. 

Special attention is given to the conference by the leaders of state: the Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov on the eve gave gala dinner to participants of conference. 

At the opening of the conference today also participated Plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Crimean federal district Oleg Evgenevich Belaventsev, Deputy head of the Department on cooperation with religious organizations of the Office of internal policy of the Administration of the President of RF Almaz Ravilyevich Faizullin, Deputy chairman of the Council of ministers of the Republic of Crimea Ruslan Ismailovich Balbecov, chairman of the State committee on international relations and deported citizens of the Republic of Crimea Zaur Ruslanovich Smirnov, representatives of the ministries of the Republic of Crimea. 

Along with the scientific meetings, are scheduled tours to the Old Crimea and Bakhchisarai, the exhibition "Mosques of the Crimea in old photographs" and etc. 

According to the results of scientific conference will be published articles.


Uzbek Khan's Mosque (XIV century) - the oldest of survived mosques of Crimean peninsula. Uzbek Khan, who came to the throne of the Golden Horde in 1312, ordered to build in Solkhat (now - the town of the Old Crimea) beautiful mosque and high Muslim religious school - madrassas. Construction of the mosque was started in 1314. According to the Turkish traveler Evli Chelebi in 1512-1513 years when  ruled Mengli Girey the I mosque was cathedral. Here, divide of the mosque with wall, there was a higher spiritual institution - madrassas. There studied the Quran, philosophy, Arabic language, rhetoric, astronomy, logic, jurisprudence. After receiving higher religious education in madrasas, its pupils became mullahs, kadiys, theologians, spreading Islam in the Crimean peninsula and beyond. At this time of the original construction remained part of the north wall with the portal and probably columns with arches in the interior. In its present form the mosque of Khan Uzbek is a rectangular building of basilic type with entrance on the north side and with the minaret built in the northeast corner.