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15.10.2014 16:59

Today deputy mufti of Tatarstan Rustam hazrat Khairyllin in Moscow met with personal representative of (Swiss) OSCE chairmanship on tolerance and non-discrimination. 

Note that the acting OSCE chairman appointed three personal representatives on tolerance and non-discrimination: rabbi Andrew Baker (USA) - against anti-semitism, professor Talip Kuchukchan (Turkey) - to combat intolerance against muslims and professor Alexei Avtonomov (Russia) - to combat racism, xenophobia and discrimination, intolerance and discrimination against christians and members of other religions. Personal representatives annually attend the OSCE member countries to analyze the existing problems, the definition of positive examples and making recommendations to governments in the field of tolerance and non-discrimination. 

During the upcoming visit to Russia OSCE delegation met with representatives of civil society and religious organizations as well as government bodies. Topics to be discussed at these meetings: problems and practices related to hate crimes, racism, intolerance, discrimination, freedom of religion and belief, education, and joint efforts to combat discrimination and intolerance. 

According to the results of the visit the OSCE will prepare a special report with recommendations to the government of the Russian Federation. This report will be presented to all 57 OSCE participating states.