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14.11.2013 13:43
On November 13 in Kazan (Volga) Federal University (KFU) was all-Russian scientific and practical conference of students and young scientists on theme: "Innovative technologies and a comprehensive support of children with developmental disabilities." On behalf of the MRB RT it was attended by deputy mufti, the head of social projects MRB RT Ildar hazrat Bayazitov.
The main organizer of the conference - Institute of education and psychology, department of psychology and special corrective pedagogy. Ildar Bayazitov greeted the organizers and participants of the conference on behalf of the mufti of Tatarstan Kamil Samigullin and made a presentation about the social activity of the MRB RT and training and rehabilitation center for the blind at the mosque "Yardem."
For the employees of the department of correctional psychology and special pedagogy, students and guests of the conference was extremely valuable to meet with a background in the social sphere of the Muslim clergy. Director of the Institute of psychology and education KFU Idar Kalimullin thanked the deputy mufti for attending the conference and expressed the opinion that it is necessary to learn from the experience gained by other social organizations.