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12.11.2013 17:18
By order of mufti of Tatarstan Kamil hazrat Samigullin in MRB RT was established a department for study the Quran. It is headed by Ilnur Khayrullin having "Ijaz" - a chain that extends to the Prophet Muhammad, sallyalahu alayhi vassalyam, the traditional reading of the Quran in Russian - "Hafs gan Qasim."
The objectives of the department is to promote the opening of the Holy Quran in the population, its study, preparation of tafsir - translation and the revival of the classical school of Quran hafizs and the preparation of Tatar readers with Ijaz.
Now the department is working on a new style of calligraphic Arabic writing on which the Muslim religious board of Tatarstan plans to publish the Holy Quran.