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03.11.2013 10:33
Muslim Religious Board periodically conducts preaching in correctional institutions of Tatarstan. To do this, the department of propaganda of MRB RT visit colonies, where they read the sermon, respond to religious issues.
Last Friday, a specialist of the propaganda department of MRB RT Timergali hazrat Yuldashev visited colony number 19 in Kazan. He spent the Friday sermon and read the Friday prayers. He also answered numerous questions of convicts on religious dogma. Periodically, the Friday prayer in the colony number 19 is read by 15 men.
In colony number 2 this Friday sermon for prisoners held head of the department of Islamic law RIU Rustam Nurgaliyev, who periodically collaborates with the propaganda department of the MRB RT.
It is noteworthy that the prisoners asked the preachers of MRB RT often visit them with lectures about Islam.
As the deputy mufti Niyaz hazrat Sabirov noted, the propaganda department will strengthen the work with correctional institutions in Tatarstan, in order to explain to prisoners traditional Islam. He also stressed that all libraries in the penal colonies of Tatarstan have already transferred 15 different titles of books issued by the publishing house "Huzur".