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02.11.2013 08:44
In Kazan, the tournament was held in drafts among Muslim youth. In the tournament took part mosques of Kazan muhtasibats as "Sultan", "Huthayfah", "Gadel", "Nurulla", "Suleiman", "Pink", "Burnay" and the Russian Islamic Institute, madrasa of the 1000th anniversary of the adoption of Islam and muslim pension "Ak omet."
The tournament was held for the purpose of promoting the principles of a healthy way of life, the formation of teams of drafts among Muslim youth, promotion of drafts and game activities, promotion of physical culture and sports.
As the deputy mufti noted, head of social projects of MRB RT Ildar hazrat Bayazitov today we need to attract young people into the mosque through sports and social projects.
"The Muslim clergy should actively promote the socialization of young people and help them realize their potential," - he said.
As the organizer of the event noted, the president of the National islamic fund "Yardem" Ilham Ismagilov, in the future will also be implemented various projects for young people.
The tournament in drafts among Muslim youth took first place Russian Islamic Institute, a muslim pension "Ak omet" was second, third was madrasa of the 1000th anniversary of the adoption of Islam.
Sporting event was held in Kazan mosque "Yardem."