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02.11.2013 08:13
Yesterday, at his residence mufti of Tatarstan Kamil hazrat Mufti Samigullin held a meeting with the working group to develop a new style of Arabic calligraphy writing for the Holy Quran. Above the new font is working well-known hattat-calligrapher, having "Ijaz" - a chain of Muslim calligraphers until the fourth righteous Khalifa - Ali ibn Abu Talib - Ramil Nasybullov. Work on the new calligraphic style has been ongoing for several months on behalf of the mufti, the chairman of the MRB RT Kamil hazrat Samigullin. The working group also includes experts in the full text of the Holy Book of Muslims Training Centre at RIU hafizs of the Quran, in particular its leader Ibrahim Sabirov. Also in the working group included the head of the newly created department of the learning Quran of MRB RT Il'nur Khayrullin, the first Tatar, having "Ijaz" - a chain that extends to the Prophet Muhammad, sallyalahu alayhi vassalam, the traditional reading of the Quran in Russian - "Hafs gan Gasim."
After that, when a new calligraphic style of Arabic writing will be done, the Muslim Religious Board of Tatarstan plans to publish on it the Holy Koran. It is noteworthy that developed the font will retain its ease of reading, but it will be unique and exclusive, and most importantly, developed in Tatarstan and takes into account the local context of calligraphy.
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