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02.11.2013 08:06
Charitable foundation "Zakat" at the end of this month announced preliminary results of the action of MRB RT "To sacrifice - it means to love", which was timed to coincide with the holiday Eid al-Adha.
Recall that on October 15 MRB RT together with TV and radio company "TNV" held a telemarathon under the title "To sacrifice - it means to love" to raise funds to build the shelter for orphans with disabilities.
To date, the accounts received funds are in the amount of 91,208 rubles 48 kopeeks and 22,146 rubles 08 kopeeks. To the short number 7715 with the word "Zakat" was received 718,244 rubles. In total, per share, previously was collected amount: 831,598 rubles 56 kopeeks.
This means that about 15,000 people attended the fundraiser, given the fact that sending a single SMS cost 50 rubles.
Note that the concerned people continue to come and bring money to the office of the Foundation "Zakat", located at the address: str.Tukaya, 3 (in front of the shopping center "Muraveynik"), where the foundation specialists are receiving funds from the public.
Also, anyone who did not take part in the success of the action may at any time from his mobile sms with the word "Zakat" to the number 7715. The cost of one SMS is 50 rubles. (the exact amount depends on the operator). If a person wishes to donate a large sum, in SMS after the word "Zakat" is necessary to put a space and specify the desired amount.