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01.11.2013 09:58
On November 5, 2013 in the mosque "Yardem" will begin regular training and rehabilitation courses for the blind. In rehabilitation will involve more than 60 visually impaired.
During the course of rehabilitation provides an extensive training program. Within a month, people with disabilities will have the skills to read the Holy Quran by Louis Braille system. Also blind shakirds will study Fiqh, Aqidah, sira.
Training will be conducted by specially printed by the system of Louis Braille editions of the Koran, with the use of audio and video books on Islamic subjects.
For the purpose of psychological relief scheduled training in the gym, classes orienteering, special games on the development of the sensitivity of the fingers.
Part of the training will be carried out in modern computer labs with special software that allows the visually impaired to learn the skills of disabled people using e-mail, internet, social networks.
During rehabilitation courses are planned to organize and hold meetings with prominent Islamic educators, going to the theater, various competitions and quizzes devoted to religious issues.
Also for the visually impaired is specially equipped room of relaxation and massage, where they will undergo reconstructive procedures.
Education-rehabilitation Center for the blind of National Islamic Charitable Fund "Yardem" exists on the voluntary donations of people (sadaqah). Students are paid for way, food and lodging.
Those who want to help the activities of the mosque "Yardem" can do it remotely via the National Islamic charity "Yardem" which established the congregation of the mosque.
Transfer money to the account NIBF "Yardem" in several ways:
1. Money transfer to the bank account: National Islamic charity " Yardem " TIN 1658087725 , KPP 165801001 , 049205815 BIK , BIN 1071600003530 , p / c 40703810800000000289 , c / a 30101810100000000815 in OJSC JSCB "Tatfondbank" Kazan . Purpose of payment have to be the word "donation", otherwise the Fund will be required to pay the state income tax from the money that you have listed.
2. Fill a receipt for the transfer of funds through Sberbank.
3. USIP through payment terminals QIWI, one of 87,000 terminals installed across Russia is probably close to you. Make a donation through the terminal QIWI (KIWI) is very simple. In the terminal interface to select the "Payments", then "Other services", click the "Funds assistance" and select the Fund "Yardem."
4. By electronic transfer through Yandex money, account number 41001808293192.
5. Donations can be made through the donation boxes with the logo of the mosque, established in shopping malls, department stores, drug stores and other accessible areas of the city of Kazan.
6. And as you can just go to the mosque "Yardem", which is located at: Kazan, str.Serova, house 4a.