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01.11.2013 09:48
The Committee on the standard "Halal" in the Muslim Religious Board of Tatarstan issued a new certificate for the right to manufacture products that meet the standards of Islam. The holders of ordinary Committee became the company " D-M".
This company is engaged in manufacture of food supplements, emulgato-stabilizators of sausage products.
"D-M" is relatively young Russian company operating in the food ingredients market since March 2000. Company is specialized in the development and production of high quality ingredients for the meat processing industry.
Since 2000, the main activity was to introduce to the Russian market functional food ingredients, flavor composition, coloring and conservants European production. Since early 2002, our company started to conduct intensive research and development work in the development and manufacture of food supplements. Work carried out on the basis of MUCTR named after Mendeleev (Moscow, Russia) and the firm VLA Chemicals (Zurich, Switzerland).
In early 2003, the company " D-M" records the ingredients for meat-packing industry of its own production, which is mainly the result of Russian, Swiss and German engineering.
A huge help in establishing the company as a manufacturer to assist the Fund for small and medium businesses RAS. In 2003, the company began to develop a taste, aromatic additives. Important role in this is played by cooperation with a number of Indian and Indo-German companies, including such well-known companies as Sami Labs Ltd (Bangalore), Novo Aristech (Hyderabad), Kankor (Cochin), etc. The company " D-M" participated in the International and Russian exhibitions.
The latest development of the company allowed her to get in April 2004 two gold medals, "Quality Mark of XXI century". The main thrust of the work is to create multi-stabilizing and flavoring systems used in meat and poultry processing industry. The use of food additives, produced by the company allows technologists in food businesses solve many production problems, such as reduced production costs, increased conditionally raw materials, process intensification and diversification of products.
The company has a staff of qualified technicians, whose main task is to assist in the implementation of our products in the workplace. In developing the recipes are taken into account all the requirements of the system "Halal" and the comments of the supervisory authority on behalf of the Committee on the standard "Halal".
Food additives produced by LLC "D-M" not only help to improve the quality, ease and convenience of use, and completely safe for human health and the allowed for muslim, which is reflected in the sanitary - epidemiological conclusions issued by the Department of Sanitary Inspection of the Ministry of Health and issued by the Committee on the standard "Halal" in the MRB RT.
Nutritional Supplements by "D-M" have expressive functional properties. With the help of our ingredients increases not only the nutritional and biological value, but also improves the taste and organoleptic properties of food products. Furthermore, a high economic effect since reduced production costs, improved its quality, standardized production with reduced production losses.
The company "D-M" doing everything possible to improve the quality, which ensures the stability of produced ingredients ensures optimal value for money. Firm "D-M" has the ability to carry out selection of product characteristics for each client individually. High quality products of "D-M" not an accident but a systematic work of each employee for the benefit of the enterprise customer.