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31.10.2013 11:39
Today, at the central mosque of Buinsk was a meeting of Buinsky district's imams. Meeting was attended by the deputy mufti Rustam hazrat Khayrullin, Imam-mukhtasib of Buinsky district Rustem hazrat Khaibullin, representatives of the local administration.
By tradition, the meeting began with the reading of the Holy Quran and then in front of the imams Rustam hazrat Khayrullin made a sppech, gave them a greeting on behalf of mufti Kamil hazrat Samigullin and noted the high role of imams in the revival of spiritual values ​​and actively encouraged them to work in their parishes. Especially, focusing in his preaching to young people. He then handed each of imams "The evidence for preaching" DUM RT. Totally evidence received 58 imams of Buinsky district.
Also, by the decree of the mufti in the position of imam-muhatsib was approved by Rustem hazrat Khaibullov.
After the meeting, the deputy mufti visited Buinsk's madrassas, where he got acquainted with the educational activities and talked with students.