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28.10.2013 20:11
MRB RT carries out the action "Happy holidays" for children from the orphanage. For children made ​​up the whole program, which includes: a trip to Kazan circus, water park, cinema, theater, horse riding as well as a variety of excursions.
Thus, the employees of MRB RT has driven children from an orphanage with deviant behavior of Kazan in Kazan circus. And on Sunday for the children of the Cgistopolsky orphanage was organized an interesting event: a guided tour to the Rehabilitation Center for the blind "Yardem" where the children learned about where gather blind from all over Russia and how they undergo rehabilitation, after that for children was cooked a delicious lunch and a hike to the Kazan circus. Vacation - time to pleasant experiences, employees of MRB RT are hoping that as kids will sit at their desks after the weekend, they will remember how they spent time on the weekends.
The following actions:
11:00-14:00 Hike of children from the Chistopolsky orphanage to the Water park " Baryonyx" Kazan, str.Mazit Gafuri 46
14:40 Lunch at cafe "Happiness exists" str.B.Red 55 B
10-12 Watching cartoon "Turkeys come back" for pupils of Nurlatsky orphange at the cinema "Souvar Plaza", str.Spartacus 6
12-13 tour of Kazan
13-14 lunch in the cafe
14-16 excursion to the Kremlin.