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22.10.2013 10:49
Yesterday at the educational center of the FAS of Russia opened the Center of improving qualification of imams of the Volga Federal District. Education will be held at the Training Center of the FAS of Russia and the Center of improving qualification of imams on the Officer street. In the training centers will be trained imams and workers of muslim organizations from all regions of the district. Imams were divided into different groups based on basic knowledge. The first stream includes about 30 people. Classes began yesterday. Overall, by the end of the year is planned to train about 125 Islamic clerics (5 threads).
Teachers of the Russian Islamic Institute, madrasa "Muhammadiya" and MRB RT will teach students - both theory and practice. For imams in Kazan were made all conditions - classrooms that have the modern interactive systems, halal cuisine, comfortable rooms.
It began with the opening of courses of reading holy verses of the Quran by mufti, chairman of the MRB RT Kamil hazrat Samigullin. The mufti of Tatarstan said that he was glad with the opening of the courses and the fact that they will help imams not only acquire knowledge but also to make contact and communicate. "Our republics are different, but we have only one religion, the prophet - one", - he said.
Deputy Chief of Staff of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan - Head of the Department of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan on domestic policy Alexander Terentyev said he was happy to welcome the clergy of the PFD and regions of RT. " Tatarstan has paid great attention to issues related to Islamic education, training imams. It is encouraging that the initiative of the spiritual leaders of the creation of such courses was supported by the embassy of the President of the Russian Federation in the Volga Federal District,"- he stressed.
Chief Federal Inspector in the Republic of Tatarstan Renat Timerzyanov, in turn, noted that it's not accidentally that courses are held in RT. Here for the past two years, there is a center training of imams from all over the country. "The proposal that you need on a whole in the PFD to train imams, was supported at the highest level envoy of the President of Russia in the Volga Federal District Mikhail Babich," - he said.
"Today - difficult times, including in the religious sphere: too many discrepancies, many currents of varying the flow of literature, in which it is difficult to understand. These courses will help in many ways to filter out unnecessary for us who practice traditional Islam, make a barrier for those people who go to a hostile ideology" - said the chief federal inspector of the RT.
RII Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Marat Gilmanov told reporters that the courses can be divided into two blocks of 36 hours: the religious and the secular. Along with Islamic disciplines (reading the Quran, the Islamic creed, Islamic law, etc.) religious leaders will be taught history, and law. They also will learn how to organize the financial part of their activities, how to work with the media and other Course duration - 11-12 days. On their end, students will receive a certificate of passage of short-term training courses, issued by the RII.
Rector of the RII Rafik Mukhametshin said that the training take place in Kazan with representatives of Mordovia, Perm, Ulyanovsk regions, Tatarstan, etc. According to him, the opening of the courses - it's a good opportunity to find answers to urgent questions of the clergy. He also noted that all teachers will adhere traditional Islam.
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