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18.10.2013 13:49
On October 16 World Forum of Tatar youth, the Muslim Youth Movement "Ikhlas" and the Youth Department of MRB RT in NCC "Kazan" organized a festive medjlis. The event was attended by about 300 people, among them were students, shakirda, students of schools and colleges, representatives of culture, art and youth activists.
"Eid medjlis" began with the reading of the Holy Quran. An employee of the Propaganda Department MRB RT Ruslan hazrat Fakhrutdinov preached a sermon about Qurban, the importance of Kurban and also talked about the correct understanding of Islam by youth. Aynur Akhmetshin, head of the youth department of the MRB RT on behalf of mufti of Tatarstan Kamil Samigullin greeted guests and urged the youth to develop traditional Islam and confront radical movements.
"The future is in hands of our youth. Our young people must be active and multilaterally developed to help their Ummah, being its mainstay" - he said to the guests.
According to the chairman of the World Forum of Tatar Youth Tabriz Yarullin, holding public events of Muslim Tatar organizations are very significant event, it shows the unity of our people. The leader of the youth movement "Ikhlas" Niaz Zakirov said that Muslims of Tatarstan raised the flag of the socialization of Muslim youth. All the leaders of youth organizations noted that in the future we have to work together, supporting each other.
Among the honored guests at medjlis, you can select the first deputy chairman of the World Congress of Tatars Renat Valiullin, chairman of the Council of Ulema MRB RT Abdullah hazrat Adygamov, famous actors Zulya Kamalova, Zulfat Zinnurov.
In addition to the program treats was a quiz on a holiday theme. Also acted the ensemble "Sornay" with munadzhats and Tatar songs.
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