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18.10.2013 13:32
Kamil hazrat Samigullin in ahead of Eid al-Adha , gave an exclusive interview to
Dear Kamil hazrat, tell us what is the significance of the holiday Eid al-Adha?
Eid al-Adha is one of the great feasts of Islam. Muhammmad Prophet, peace be upon him, said in his dictum that muslims have two great holidays Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. The roots of this holiday goes far back in history, in the time of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and his son Ismail. This holiday symbolizes good, help, charity and compassion. Because the meat of the sacrificed animal is divided into three parts, one of which is covered to table for relatives, the other part is distributed to the needy and the third is left for your family. But the essence of the holiday is not only that. When we bring a sacrifice, we thus obey the will of God and fulfill His commands. That is, we run the procedure of worship.
What activities are planned in Kazan to this blessed holiday? What are the expected celebrations?
Muslim Religious Board of Tatarstan on the eve of Eid al-Adha held an action "sacrifice - it means to love." We have prepared a special public service announcements that call for good. Their broadcast is on national television. We want people to take an active part in this action, took part in the blessing. On the day of Eid al-Adha is scheduled micro-marathon, where anyone can take part in the campaign to raise funds for the establishment of an orphanage for handicapped children. We found a nice building and there should conduct restoration work. To participate in the marathon you should contact the Foundation "Zakat" MRB RT. Also, we planned a concert.
Will selling points of sheep be organized in the city? If so, where?
In the mosques in Tatarstan has already started accepting applications for sacrifices. According to tradition, this year we have on Eid in the capital accept applications in such mosques as Marjani, Zakabannaya, Rizwan, Azimov, Nurislam, Islam (Derbyshki), Suleiman, Hudhayfah and others. In the mosque Yardem, for example, accept applications only for cattle. In other cities of Tatarstan, please contact the central area of the mosque.
Note that all mosques warned about the rules of civilized slaughter of sacrificial animals, according to Sharia and sanitary standards.
It is believed that today's youth is spiritless and is influenced by western culture. How do you plan to organize the work of the younger generation? What activities and projects are you planning to develop?
For the education of young people, we developed an entire program. Our preachers already travel to regions of the republic and attend high schools of the capital. In addition to lectures and sermons, we have organized various sport activities that are known to attract more young people. To work with them, we have to manage up special departments to promote and work with youth. We periodically organize interesting events and conferences. I would not say that our young people are spiritless, in mosques today are many young people, even though, of course, in many ways, it depends on education. Parents from a childhood should take care of their children, their future. We have in almost all mosques and madrassas run weekend courses, which also train many young people. Mosques and madrassas - similar to the water source, if people do not come back, and drink from this source, it will not quench your thirst for spirituality. Therefore, you should take a step towards the knowledge and cross the threshold of the mosque or madrasas, many fear that, although there is an atmosphere of faith, peace and goodwill. We have also launched a number of interesting sites that provide information about Islam, works online madrassas for learning at home. I note that we strengthen the preaching work among young people by using a variety of modern techniques. Will expand its appeal in order to reach everyone. The world is changing, and we try to present religious values, so that the young had an interest to get acquainted with them.
The muslims have a tradition not to give orphans in children's homes, and to educate them in the family, among relatives. Do you think that if people were in that tradition, it would not have happened, and the tragedy that happened the other day in a boarding house village Derbyshki?
Of course, all this is due to the fact that we forget about the rules and regulations of our religion. Religion calls to protect and strengthen family ties. We have these traditions are very much weakened, for example, in the Caucasus, they are strong. If we properly treated the bonds of kinship, then we would not have orphanages and orphans. From the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is a lot of sayings to maintain family ties and a good attitude towards orphans. After all, he was an orphan. All that is happening today, the reason for this departure from the religious values ​​of religion because it teaches people to be responsible to their Lord and society. Lack of spirituality never brought to humanity.
In many Russian regions is a debate about wearing headscarves in schools. What is your view on this issue?
No need to scare people with terminalogy. Hijab - this scarf, cover of girl, and in general, when it was bad? If we look at history, at least in the picture, which painted the famous Russian artists, we see that, for example, a girl stands near the birch in a scarf. Previously, it was considered the norm in almost all nations living in the Russian Empire, the women wore hats, covered their body.
This is not something alien to our society and our traditions. It should be noted that muslims in Russia - the indigenous inhabitants of it, we were born in this country and it is our homeland. For muslim women, after it reached the age of majority, covering the body is the fulfillment of orders and decrees of the Most High, Creator of us. This is a religious norm, not some fashion that we have no right to cancel. Wearing a headscarf emphasizes modesty, is it bad, was modesty censured in the society?
How much is the influence of representatives of radical trends of Islam in country? And how to deal with them?
You have to fight not with individuals but with error. For this it is necessary to give to people the true knowledge. Need to prove your case, to be able to stand your point of view and to work on the ideological front. You should be able to persuade and win the dispute. What is the point just fight? From that fewer people with radical thinking will not. The goal is to be in fact was not, and for this it is necessary to conduct prevention competently. Today, we have already begun to publish books of our Tatar theologians, thereby introducing the younger generation of muslims with our religious traditions. I am convinced that the Tatars, their mentality and education will be able to resist the influence of the representatives of radical movement , which are certainly present in the community.
Tell me, is it permissible to conduct Nikah ceremony, if one spouse - not the Muslim faith ?
Nikah has some conditions which, if not comply, it will be concluded correctly. For example, the Nikah is between a Muslim and a Muslim, it can also be concluded between a Muslim and a woman of another religion abrahamic religions, but it is not between a Muslim and a man of any other faith.
Kamil hazrat, let's talk a little bit about how do you begin your day?
My day begins with a prayer  and then I spend every morning in the gym. All this happens in the early morning, before the working time.
What is your favorite book, well, I guess, after the Holy Quran?
I have a lot of them, it is difficult to identify any one, basically, they are all related to Islamic law, and they are all purely religious.
Without what you can not imagine your life?
Without faith in God.
Interviewed by Alexander Bulanov