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18.10.2013 12:24
On October 16 MRB RT together with the Charity Fund of Angela Vavilova arranged a charity event "Joy without borders" in honor of the holiday "Kurban Bayram" for children treated in Hematology department of DRKB.
The event began with a presentation of provocative and funny clowns, and continued with a mini-concert of folk artists of Tatarstan: Renat Valeyev, Ilgiz Shayhraziev.
The purpose of the event - to draw public attention to the problem of pediatric oncology, not to pass by another's grief, and just to give a good mood to children undergoing treatment.
"In order to dispel the atmosphere of the hospital, and at least a little to brighten up the gray day, children often need to hold similar events, so the kids for a while forget about their illness, they are happy, laughing," - said the director of the Foundation of Angela Vavilova Vladimir Vladimirovich.
"These kids are so caught up in their illness, they are very difficult to razvesilit, but as we have worked hard to create a festive atmosphere for them. Often, we try not to think about the suffering of others, but as a lot of kids who are suffering so severe trials that formed in their small, fragile shoulders. And if each of us do, at least one step toward them, they will get the chance to fulfill their dream!" - shared the head of the relief and charity MRB RT Laysan Davletshina.
After the concert, for children was laid a festive table and a delicious pilaf with meat Kurban and gifts, the same children who, for one reason or another were unable to come to the concert, were congratulated in their wards.