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12.10.2013 08:17
MRB RT together with the Charity Fund of Angela Vavilova arranges charity action "Joy without borders" in honor of the holiday "Kurban Bayram" for children treated in Hematology department of DRKB. 
Time: October 16, 11:00 am 
Venue: DRKB, Department of Hematology. 
To dispel the atmosphere of the hospital and at least a little brighten the gray days, except for gifts for the kids planned on a real holiday with funny annimator, and for parents who live with their children in the hospital, is scheduled acting of Tatar pop folk artists Renat Valeyev, Ilgiz Shayhraziev. 
Those children who, for one reason or another can not come to the concert will be congratulated in their wards. 
The event aims to: raise awareness of the problem of pediatric oncology, not to pass by another's grief, and just to give a good mood to children undergoing treatment. 
Often, we try not to think about the suffering of others, but as a lot of kids who are in severe trials that formed in their small, fragile shoulders. And if each of us do, at least one step toward them, they will get the chance to fulfill their dream! 
1. Entertainment program with annimators; 
2. Small concert of folk artists Renat Valeyev, Ilgiz Shayhraziev; 
3. A charity dinner; 
4. Distribution of gifts. 
For more information call: 
tel. / fax: +7 (843) 258-57-21 
Tel. mob.: +7 960 0485721 
For media accreditation: 
mob. + 9656072020