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12.10.2013 05:13
On Oct.10 employees of MRB RT together with the Ministry of Green economy arranged a joint action "Plant your tree." So, they came to the landscaping Nurlatsk orphanage and brought with them the planting of trees as: blue spruce, mountain ash, linden trees and various shrubs. The territory was large, so keep its staff in the form of a well-kept is quite difficult and expensive. Therefore, to help the orphanage came the team of MRB RT together with the volunteers. By this action, they especially wanted to draw children's attention to environmental issues, respect for the world around them.
"Planting sites - is a conscious, vital necessity. Tree and accordingly fresh air in modern cities catastrophically lacks. And so we are all together, to the extent possible, should help the city in which we live  preserve and replenish its green areas, - said Head of the Social Welfare and Charity Laysan Davletshina - wonderful that this is our initiative to support and volunteers' who kindly agreed to help us.
"By taking part in the action, we not only help the children and get moral satisfaction, as any good thing everyone does in the first place for himself. Thus, we give an example of kindness, compassion and humanity to others", - said one of the volunteers Leila .
The event was a success, despite the rain. To plant seedlings got out everyone: from the orphanage director Damir Kabirovich, educators and their students to the MRB RT staff and volunteers who came with them. All, without exception, have a lot of fun, especially children, who have expressed a desire to participate in such an action again.