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08.10.2013 06:12
On October 12, 2013 in Kazan mosque Zakabannaya, named after 1000th anniversary of the adoption of Islam by the Volga Bulgars from the global overhaul, produced by forces of the parishioners, will host the opening of a social dining. In an institution catering at the church will be "Day of Remembrance of the martyrs". This day will be done a prayer for died spiritual figures.
From 15 to 18 October, in the Social dining over 3,000 needy will be fed. The sacrificial meat will be distributed to the disabled and the elderly of Vakhitovsky and Volga regions of Kazan. Social dining will work on the principle of "ate - feed the needy".
Profits will go to the caterers to provide free lunches and dinners for the poor who are in need of social and economic support: disabled, orphans, lonely old people, students and travellers. Social dining at Kazan mosque save the rich against the miserliness and the poor - from need.