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08.10.2013 06:03
On October 4 at the congress centre of Kazan Fair as the part of the international exhibition-fair of Euro-Asia Expo 2013 was held Forum of Halal industry on the theme: "The Future of Halal industry in Russia".
Among the invited speakers were representatives of the certification organization in Turkey - GIMDES - Fatih Calender and Abdulkhamit Axel, executive director of "Nasih" - I.F. Yunusov, general director of the International Centre for Standardization and Certification "Halal" of the Council of Muftis of Russia - Idar Haji Gazizov, chairman of the Association "Halal industry in Kazakhstan" - M.A. Sarsenbayev, Head of the International Department of the RIU - Rustam hazrat Nurgaliyev, chairman of the "Committee for the standard "Halal" Muslims of the Republic of Dagestan - Ibrgaimgadzhi Abdullaev, etc.
The Forum was attended by approximately 70 people. Among them were representatives of both companies, committees "Halal" from other regions of Russia, Tatarstan muhtasibs district centers and representatives of government agencies, the Ministry of Industry, etc.
Forum was opened by reading the Quran and a welcome speech, done by deputy mufti of Tatarstan - Rustam Batrov.
During the presentations were debates, the discussion of which continued the next day at the round table at the exhibition Euro-Asia Expo 2013 .
After presentations, on behalf of the Committee on the standard "Halal" were awarded letters of appreciation prominent figures in the field of "Halal" in Russia, who made ​​a great contribution to the development of this area. Memorable awards were given to the department head of the Expert Committee on the standard "Halal" Faat hazrat Mukhametov, representatives GIMDES, JSC "Test- Tatarstan", the teacher of RIU - Rustam hazrat Nurgaliyev.