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08.10.2013 05:50
On october 6 Bugulma hold contest on Azan among districts of the South-East Tatarstan, dedicated to the celebration of Eid al-Adha. It was attended by people studying in courses of mosques. The members of the jury were deputy mufti of Tatarstan Rustam Khayrullin and Imam-mukhtasib of Yutazinski district Marat hazrat Mardanshin. All participants were divided into age groups. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the results:
1. from 0 to 7 years - the victory was awarded to all participants.
2. from 8 to 18 years:
first place - Gilyazov Gadel (Leninogorsk)
second - Garifullin Idar (Bugulma)
third - Khusnutdinov Suleiman (Bugulma).
3. from 19 to 60 years:
first place - Sharopov Rizwan (Urussu)
second - Galiyev Khalil (Leninogorsk)
third - Gilyazov Marat (Leninogorsk).
4. over 60 years:
first place - Khaliullin Abuzar (Leninogorsk)
second - Hasanov Gabit (Bugulma)
third - Murtazin Rashid (Leninogorsk).