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03.10.2013 18:34
On October 2, in Kazan mosque "Yardem" took place organizational, by the way, third meeting of the Muslim Women's Club .
The event was held under the title "Islam and Muslim Health", which addressed the issues of how to restore and maintain the health of Muslim women in our time, in an age of increased environmental pollution and aggressive industry, both in the manufacture of food products, as well as in the objects around us .
Interviews for the participants of the club were organised by honored Doctor of the Republic of Tatarstan, Candidate of Medical Sciences, a member of the International Academy of Informatization, Vice President for Research and Development Institute of High Technologies in Medicine and Public Health - Ildar Khisamutdinov. He delivered a lecture on theme: "Islam and Health" .
Also on the theme of " halal and haram", a pharmacist of one Kazan's pharmacy, Vagizova Guzaliya held a detailed discussion, during which she spoke about medical drugs and domestic counterparts overseas.
Finally, guests talked about home cooking secrets and demonstrated vitamin cocktail. Event ended with a pleasant tea.