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02.10.2013 17:40
On October 3 at the international exhibition "EURO-ASIA EXPO 2013" will be held Forum "Halal industry". The forum will bring together manufacturers of halal products and services, business experts, representatives of the scientific community and government agencies. The opening of forum will be attended by the Chairman of MRB RT, mufti Kamil hazrat Samigullin.
The main theme of the Forum - "Trends and prospects of Halal industry in Russia". The forum will focus on issues of Russian export and import of products "Halal", development of "Halal" industry in the Eurasian space, interaction with public authorities, electrical stunning issues, technology and production monitoring.
The Forum will be held in three sessions. The first session of the forum will focus on standardization and certification "Halal", the second session will review key aspects of international certification and standardization of "Halal ", the third session will discuss the research in the field of " Halal".
Among the foreign participants of the Forum is expected speech by Murat Saiyn of WHC, GIMDES ( Turkey).
At the end of the Forum participants will be awarded  with letters of appreciation and gifts, and also gala dinner.
The forum is organized by Ltd. "Euro -Asia Expo" and the Committee on the standard of " Halal" at MRB RT. Co-organized by the National Forum Halal Industry Association (NP "Nasih"), Tatarstan Investment Development Agency, Foundation for Development of Islamic Business and Finance IBFD-Foundation, the Russian Islamic Institute .
Forum "Halal Industry" will be held on October 3-4, at the Congress Centre " Kazan Fair" from 11:00 to 18:30.